Standard LED (Light Emitting Diode) INSERTS are available in FIVE COLOR CATEGORIES:
1. 9 single colors.
2. 7 color fast strobe.
3. 7 color slow change/blink.
4. 7 color slow fade.
The ALL LIGHT has it ALL. 27 of the best custom made color patterns you will ever control!
The colored circles in the illustration accurately represent the All Light's color tracers in a circular motion.
Many research hours were spent finding just the right mix of colors, patterns, and blinking speeds, to match the speed and motion of the various juggle props and skill toys, as the user desires

These LED INSERTS are used in, and interchangeable with, all of our bright light balls, skill toys and juggle equipment.
They're great for individual rave expression/finger light, parties, events, stage performances and shows.

Whether as a stand-alone rave toy, or as a key component in our many juggle products and skill toys, Light Up and Juggle's LED INSERTS are here to love, illuminate, and transform!

All products are custom made by LIGHT UP AND JUGGLE and come with batteries. Simply insert and you're ready for hours of enjoyment.

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ALL LIGHT insert

ALL LIGHT insert

The ALL LIGHT insert is the same size as the standard light insert and can be used as a stand alone light such as a finger light or, as an upgrade, it will fit in all of our products just like the standard light insert.The ALL LIGHT has a tiny powerful chip loaded with 27 of the best custom made...


Standard LED Light Insert

Standard LED Light Insert

Individual LED Light Inserts can be purchased separately with or without a juggling product in the following 13 ultra-bright colors:   SOLID, STATIC COLORS 1. White LED light. 2. Yellow LED light. 3. Orange LED light. 4. Red LED light. 5. Magenta LED light. 6. Purple LED light. 7. Green LED...

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